Gorgeous patio idea for every garden space

A garden terrace makes a beautiful and welcoming living room throughout the summer months – and even in the winter, if you get your garden design properly. Compared to orchards with lawns, the terraces (as well as gravel and pebbles) require little maintenance, so seasonal refreshment can completely update your open space. If you are looking for a way to brighten up your porch this year, no matter what kind of house you have and no matter how big the space is outside, there are many things to consider in this inspiring collection of inspiring ideas. .

Needless to say that the terrace is a must to eat outdoors, but rain – or sometimes the sun – can be a problem when entertaining outdoors. A simple canvas canopy made of flowing cloth can offer an elegant cover, and provide a nautical atmosphere to the outdoor area. Looking at other fabric-based garden accessories (or some might say the essentials) a hammock is another indulgent choice for a relaxing terrace. It works for small and large spaces, and makes it a good place to rest in the shade during long summer days you can find on http://www.livetomanage.com .

But if you are looking for a garden idea with more traditional design directions, why not use garden furniture to determine the atmosphere you want? Remember to combine wooden benches with casual furniture for a shabby chic shelter or, conversely, an ancient iron bistro with padded seats and patterned seating for a French farmhouse outside.

You may want to arrange your garden ambient ambience after dark, in this case, consider setting the mood on your porch with lanterns and pillows scattered on the floor. But, by saying this, do not be afraid to take a more minimalist approach to your garden design. The most basic terraces, whether they are stone sheets, tiles or pebbles, can be modernized by selecting sculptural ornaments and striking modern furniture.
Blur the boundary between the inner and outer parts

Enjoy a compact open space adjacent to an apartment or house, create your own modern secret garden. Here, floor tiles are loose from the interior space, creating a sense of continuity and implying that the outdoor terrace is just an extension of the kitchen itself. Clusters of large pots containing lush plants create a tropical feeling and a feeling of being in nature, which is only reinforced by the warmth of horizontal wood. A large mirror panel doubles the space – at least visually – and makes room and energetic light for a relaxing meal or drink at the bistro table and park bench. Talk about having everything!

If you have terraces or rock beneath the feet, opposite the grass, keep them from looking bright with the polished concrete results paired with contemporary garden furniture. These glass-lined tables and soft wicker chairs have a feeling of no weight, and look fresh and fresh against all the greenery in the garden – which lies around the boundary of the terrace. The large white umbrella creates a feeling of specific eating areas, while providing shade on bright summer days and read here  http://botanicagardencenter.com .

Create a terrace garden that does not resemble your traditional idea of ​​a terrace garden! Roll your kitchen dining room door and upgrade the space with the open space that extends seamlessly; tiles fit perfectly create a liquid dining room. You can easily move tables and chairs for a friendly and fun weekend meal.
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We loved the idea of ​​this gorgeous terrace! A terrace should not be used only for summer food, because a good idea is proven. Arrange your practical pot area beyond your back door (brightly painted), with a vintage worktop to store garden tools and the most beautiful plant house of the season. When not used for large tree sizes, the immaculate stumps turn out to be a great place for tea and enjoy the scenery.

Is it the homepage? Is that a terrace? Maybe it’s both! the space under the high deck makes the outdoor living room shady and pleasant, ideal for friendly meetings in the summer – or even in the winter, if you provide heating and plenty of blankets!

Patients should not be on one level, just outside the door; This carefully designed multi-level room is an excellent example of a terrace

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