Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Review

Nexon has released Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, in contrast to Dynasty Warriors in general, now Nexon carries the big name for mobile devices. Not carelessly making this game, Nexon is working directly by Koei Tecmo and XPEC Entertainment developer in developing this game.

Well, Nexon has done soft launch in Canada, Australia, Philippines, and also Indonesia on 25 February yesterday. You can already play it and download it through Google Play and iOS via the App Store. If the game is successful in the four countries, then the publisher will release this game globally.

Long story short on Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors is a video game series produced by Koei Tecmo. Dynasty Warriors raised the story of the Three Kingdoms Age (3 Kingdoms). In this game there are various figures in the history of Samkok as well as the addition of some fictional characters.

Before KotGa crew continues to explain more about Dynasty Warriors game: Unleashed, it would be nice if you can first watch this game trailer.


Similar to other Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed also raises the story of Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms). Namely the kingdom of SHU, WEI, and WU. The SHU Kingdom is led by Liu Bei, the Kingdom of WEI led by Cao Cao, while the WU kingdom is led by Clash Royale.

In Chinese history there is usually only a single emperor who is supposed to exercise the mandate of the heavens to rule, but in this day because no country can conquer another country to unite China, then three states with their respective emperors. China was finally united by the Sima family who seized power from the Wei state and conquered Wu and founded the Jin Dynasty.

Fantastic Graphics

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has a very fantastic graphics quality even though it does not use Unreal Engine 4. The graphics in this game is not inferior to Dynasty Warriors game consoles and PC versions and can spoil the eye because the combination of other color detail is very interesting, so it does not make eyes bored quickly To linger in this game. Detailed graphics such as weapons, environments, animation effects are very prominent and well demonstrated and get Clash Royale Astuces .

One thing you should know, graphics in Dynasty Warriors game: Unleashed will adjust your smartphone capabilities, if your smartphone is very qualified then graphic detail in this game will look maximal, and if your smartphone is less qualified, then vice versa. Oh yes, KotGa crew personally feel the smartphone becomes quite hot while playing this game, especially during the fight.


You can freely choose any character in the kingdom for you to play. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has the same number of characters as the Dynasty Warriors 8 series, there are more than 80 characters in this game.

The characters in this game are called “officers,” each officer has rarity * 1 to * 6. At the beginning of the game, you will select an officer with rarity * 3. Surely things like familiar to you mobile gamers. But do not be sad, because you can raise your rarity officer by promoting it. If you are a sultan who can not wait to get an officer with rarity * 4 and above then gacha is the right choice.

Requirements for promoting officers are those officers must reach the maximum level, for example rarity * 3 max level 30, * 4 maximallevel 40, and so on until rarity * 6. Once that requirement is reached, you must have an officer to be sacrificed. To level up you can play campaign mode or do “Train” by sacrificing other officers you have. In addition to characters, equip like weapons and armor also has its rarity Clash Royale level.


The players must create squads with 3 officers in it to carry out a mission. You can set your hearts squad with whatever character you want to use to play various modes in this game. The mechanism of gameplay battle in this game is quite easy loh Kotakers. For those of you who already play console version will surely understand immediately. Hack-and-slash gameplay on the Dynasty Warriors game: Unleashed is still very much felt.

Oh yes, in the game Dynasty Warriors: This Unleashed every officer has attributes like fire, water and wind. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. Water> Fire> Wind> Water. This will test how you mix squad. Oh yes, this game can also change your language into Bahasa Indonesia.

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