GTA5’s Steam reviews

Editor of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Take-Two Interactive itself under fire crossed after sending a letter to cease and desist from the main developer of the popular software modding OpenIV. In fact, people are very unhappy with the company GTA5 hacks , the games are generally very acclaimed, now have the steam user note recently that the average “very negative”.

To arrive at these results, the average steam score 41,343 users in the last review, whether the anger against Take-Two is more extensive than the frustration of minority voice modeling.

GTA5 developer Rockstar Games has already said they do not have a problem with people adjusting their game, as long as the user-generated content is limited to a single player and does not change the Greater Toronto area online . Take-Two, however states that OpenIV “allows for recent mod which allows player abuse and disrupt the online GTA 5 money experience for everyone. ”

To his credit, Rockstar Games said they wanted to find a solution that is less hard on this issue. “We are working to find out how we can continue to support the creative community without negative impact on our players,” the studio said in response to fans’ criticism.

Steam users reviewed the top rated by a man named EMT said: “On behalf of the OpenIV team you,” and linked to an online petition asking the publisher to allow OpenIV. Although the publication, the petition will have 53,810 signatures in order to 75k. Of course, it is unclear whether achieving the goal will have a real impact on Take-Two.

Reviews of Steam on RemyBrando’s most popular next-door saying: “Do not buy, Take-Two Interactive mess it up with online games and anti-modding policy. ”

Then we have the steam “Nintendo_of_America” ​​(not really Nintendo) saying: “Take two modding basically forbidden for this game, I do not support them again,” followed by a man named Putois Von Einzbern who says “so sick that I had to give this game a negative comment that we can not sit still and let them destroy the only modding player “.

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