Smash Bros Create Destiny Not Moving in Japan!

Destiny has recently been mentioned as one of the most successful games ever launched. Unmitigated, in various countries this FPS game managed to occupy the top spot as the best-selling game.

Unfortunately that positive achievement did not last long in Japan. Just shortly after Destiny became number one, its position was instantly shifted by Super Smash Bros 3DS which just glide on September 13th yesterday!

Nintendo’s flagship game has an amazing fan base in the State of Sakura. Not surprisingly, just two days after coming to the market, Super Smash Bros. 3DS immediately sold nearly one million copies and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack on .

The emergence of Super Smash Bros 3DS in the first position to make Destiny PS4 and PS3 version each must go down one throne, with total sales both in the last week reached 140 thousand copies. Interestingly, both Destiny and Super Smash Bros 3DS both have an important role in the surge in hardware sales.

Nintendo 3DS became the bestseller in the last week, followed by PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and PS3. While Xbox One is in the next rank with the number of sales only half of Sony’s last-gen console claim.

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