Ubisoft Back Talk about Assassin’s Creed Asia

“But is Jerusalem in Asia?” You may have suspected that we had learned Geography or not before throwing this one information. But almost most of the Assassin’s Creed series fans seem to be very understanding of what we call “Asia” in the above title sentence. True, we are talking about countries with rich and cool historical values ​​in East Asia – like China, Japan and Korea, of course.

Apart from the demands of such a powerful gamer, Ubisoft does not seem to budge. In addition to a spin off series – AC Chronicles: China released in two-dimensional format, Ubisoft nullifies Japan’s setting opportunities because of the concept that will feel familiar. Does this mean our hope for enjoying the more exotic Assassin’s Creed series just died away? Wait a minute, there’s a speck of bright light and you can get cooking fever gems hack 2017.

At least the statement made by Director uPlay – Stephanie Perotti on the sidelines of the announcement of the Playstation 4 release in the Chinese market raises that expectation. Speaking with reporters at the time, Perotti asserted that Ubisoft was not uninterested in Chinese culture and history (or East Asia as a whole).

It’s just that with so many stories that can be adapted, Ubisoft need extra creativity to determine which part of the story that can be used. Projects like this will work if any Ubisoft developers are willing to spend their time studying and understanding the history of Japan or China. If this is done, they will be easy to make a game with a fairly accurate history cooking fever..

But for now, Ubisoft seems still not interested to try it out. What is delivered by Perotti is still just a discourse without any certainty of the final product. Will we really see the AC in East Asia setting? Let’s wait.

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